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Why is sleep so important?

We may not fully understand the reasons, but most of us still know that sleep will rest our brain and body, and then maintain our life. In addition, the quality of sleep is also closely related to our human growth and life span.
Re-recognize the importance of sleep from the perspective of sleep effects.
Eliminate fatigue of body and brain
Whether it is engaged in physical labor or office work, the human brain is always in an active state, consuming a lot of energy, and to eliminate fatigue, sleep is very necessary. And to eliminate the fatigue of the brain, it often requires more sleep than the fatigue of the body.
reduce stress
The state of feeling stressed can actually be said to be a state of exhaustion of the brain. Just like some people say that "the unpleasant things are forgotten when you sleep", sleep can rest your tired brain. Sleep is a very effective way to relieve stress.
Frequent chronic sleep deprivation will cause stress to accumulate slowly, and may also cause early-rising depression and other mental illnesses. The growth and development of the body and the prevention of aging.
Sleep is an important period of growth hormone secretion. During the growth and development of adolescents, getting enough sleep is the secret to growing taller. In addition, growth hormones are also very important for adults. They play an important role in the repair and regeneration of aging skin, wounds, and other body tissues, as well as fat burning. Therefore, good quality sleep can keep young and prevent aging.
prevent disease
Sleep is the production of white blood cells and red blood cells in the bone marrow, which can promote blood circulation and improve body resistance and immunity. Sleep can also reduce the burden on the heart, so the heart can rest. Good sleep can produce fresh blood, secrete growth hormones that promote metabolism, etc., and prevent various diseases.
Improve memory and learning efficiency
During sleep, the human brain will organize the things that happened that day and the content of learning, which will remain in the brain as a memory. Especially in light sleep, it can organize various information.
Light sleep generally occurs periodically about 3 hours after going to bed, which can deepen memory. If you want to have a good learning effect on the exam, you must maintain at least 3 hours of sleep. It is often heard that the whole night before the exam, so that Farr can't give full play to the learning effect, it is very likely that he will not achieve good learning goals.
In today's busy modern society, whether children or adults, we must understand the importance of sleep. It is also necessary to ensure quality sleep in a limited time, and our wireless Bluetooth eye mask can help us solve the problem of sleep difficulties in life, help people to sleep better and have a healthier life.

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