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Understand the principle of headphones.

How the headphones make sound can be traced back to Edison inventing the phonograph. On August 15, 1877, Thomas Alva Edison asked his assistant to create a strange machine consisting of a large cylinder, crank, receiver, and diaphragm. Edison pointed to this strange machine and said to his assistant: "This is a talking machine." He took out a piece of tin foil and wound it on a spiral-grooved metal cylinder. , The other end is connected to the receiver. Then shake the crank and sing to the receiver, "Mary has a lamb, and the snowball looks like a hair ...". After singing, put the needle back in its place and shake the crank again. Then, the machine turned slowly, lap after lap, singing "Mary has a lamb ...", exactly the same as Edison sang just now. The assistants on the side encountered a talking machine and were so surprised that they could not speak.

Headphones are based on the principle of vibrational physics of sound, and the speed of speaking can make the media produce different vibrations. Well, this kind of tremor must also be able to produce the original voice of speech, and the phonograph and headphones have been invented since the last century. In 1937, Berlin, Germany, Mr. Beyer was inspired by the moving coil transducer used in cinema speakers and invented a miniature moving coil transducer and embedded it in a strap that can be worn on the head This gave birth to the world's first headset.

Is there a difference in headphones?

According to the structure of earphones, it is mainly divided into piezoelectric earphones, moving iron earphones, pneumatic earphones, and dynamic earphones. Many of the above shortcomings have been eliminated by the market. The current mainstream earphones are still dynamic earphones. There is also an electrostatic earphone, which is suitable for appreciation in style, extremely expensive, and has requirements on the environment (not humid or bumpy), two words: perishable! Many recording studios, military, and monitoring will also choose dynamic circles.

Dynamic headphones are the most common form of headphones. The coil is fixed on the diaphragm and placed in a fixed magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet. The signal cuts the magnetic lines of force through the coil, thereby driving the diaphragm to vibrate and sound together. It is relatively easy to produce, with good linearity, low distortion and wide frequency response.

Why are some headphones so expensive?
Expensive earphones are mainly expensive in two aspects: A. Wire and sound unit, these two are the most important parts of the earphone. Good earphones choose the best copper wire as much as possible. The difference is just like listening to noise when you have heard high-end headphones and then low-end headphones.

Generally, headphones have three wires (four wires are microphones), which are left channel, right channel, and ground. The quality of the channel directly determines the reality of the scene. For example, feel that the sound is in Is it from a recording studio, or is it in a huge concert hall? Good headphones can make you hear clearly. In other words, a good headset can make you forget the existence of this device!

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