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The effect of headphone wire material on sound quality

Most of the headphones on the market use copper wire as the earphone cable. Many people are willing to spend huge amounts of high-purity single crystal oxygen-free copper wire or pure silver wire in pursuit of high sound quality. Can a high purity wire really improve the sound quality? Let's take a look at the impact of wire on sound quality.

First, copper wire:
The national standard stipulates that the purity of copper used for making ordinary wire rods must be greater than 99.7%, and the resistivity: 1.678 (20 t/°C). Ordinary copper wire is cheaper, so the original wire used in headphones on the market today is made of copper.

Second, the impact of copper wire on sound quality:
1. First understand the skin effect (or skin effect): the actual current inside the wire is very small, and the current is concentrated in a thin layer adjacent to the outer surface of the wire. As a result, its resistance is increased. The increase in wire resistance increases its power loss, a phenomenon known as the skin effect. The center of the copper wire is only suitable for transmitting low-frequency (frequency below 5000Hz) signals, and its surface is suitable for transmitting high-frequency (frequency above 5000Hz) signals, so that the high and low frequencies do not interfere with each other, but at this time, high and low frequency signals are transmitted. The time is not average, so it has different effects on the sound quality.

2. Nowadays, the market headphones basically use copper wires. The reason is that the copper wire sounds relatively stable, and the medium and low frequency is thick and more resistant. However, the higher the purity (N number), the finer the sound and the higher the medium frequency, the lower the energy and the softer the power.

3. The higher the purity of copper, the better the conductivity, the smaller the transmission loss, the smaller the signal distortion and the better the sound quality.

4. The sound of single crystal copper is more thorough, pure and more detailed. It not only has the calm sound of copper material, but also has the delicate and elegant silver material, so it is loved by enthusiasts.
Third, silver wire (copper wrapped silver or sterling silver)
The price of silver is more expensive than copper. Generally, silver is only used for surface materials. Most of the silver wires on the market are silver-plated wires, copper wires inside, and silver-plated surfaces. As mentioned above, the middle of the copper wire facilitates the transmission of low and intermediate frequencies, and the surface silver layer transmits high frequencies. The resistivity of silver: 1.586 (20 t / ° C) is lower than copper, the conductivity is high, and the skin effect is slightly better than copper. Silver's chemical properties are more stable than copper, copper surface is easy to oxidize, silver is just the opposite, so its high frequency transmission performance is better than copper. Silver wire can raise high frequency, even use 4N sterling silver material to make high-end headphone cable
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Fourth, the impact of silver lines on sound quality:
1. The high-frequency characteristics of the silver wire are good, the sound is bright, transparent, and the density is high, the sound lines are outstanding, and the image is excellent.

2. The silver material sound is concentrated in the middle and high frequency and the body is thin, the middle and low frequency is relaxed, giving a quick and clean feeling, but there is no docile and enveloping feeling of the copper wire.

3. The silver wire has obvious advantages in transmitting high frequency. In the sound performance: it feels good in music, detail and space. After changing the line, the earphones will make people's ears shine, but they are not resistant to hearing and time. Too long is easy to produce fatigue.

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