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The difference between the different earmuff materials of the headphones

Speaking of headphones, it is undoubtedly a headset, a cool shape, a unique look, and even some guys will put stickers and make unique headsets, and many people know that one The price of a good headset is definitely not cheap, but in addition to its internal structure, is there any regional gap that can be seen? Head beam? material? Still the earmuffs?

A good earmuff can be a factor to measure the quality of a headset, and it is also the most intuitive factor. (Some people say that the sound unit, wire, and tuning are also a measure, but these are really important. But few people can disassemble the headset and reassemble it.) Then we start to talk about the specific differences between different earmuff materials:
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The first one is definitely the most common sponge earmuffs. This kind of earmuffs is relatively thin, but it is also the most basic earmuffs. It does not bring you noise reduction effect, but its role is to increase the plastic earphone shell and The cushion between the ears allows you to stay comfortable while wearing for a long time, and more importantly, to seal the small slits in the headphones, the sponge is better to help close the headphones and keep the headphones accurate and efficient. The sound output.

The second is the popular high-protein leather sponge/memory sponge earmuffs, which are also used in most headphones on the market today. They are filled with sponge or velvet on the outside of the earmuffs and wrapped in high-protein leather. This can not only ensure the sealing of the earphone, but also improve the wearing comfort (comfort is determined by the cortical condition) and improve the noise reduction function of the earphone, while the earphone sounds with a dustproof mesh (if you continue Using a sponge will lower the height The quality of the sound), to ensure the sound quality of the product, and this earmuff is usually comfortable, but it is easy to be stuffy, and the comfort of the product is determined according to the quality of the head beam, but the problem is this Leather is artificial leather. It will age when used for a long time, and even peel off, affecting the aesthetics of the product.

There is also a leather earmuff, which is commonly used in high-end headphones. It is usually used on headphones with a price close to $2,000. Its breathability, skin-friendlyness and durability are top-notch. The biggest drawback is that Only one, expensive! If you are pursuing high-quality music and are not sensitive to price, don't worry about it, you will be finished!
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Finally, in summary, the sponge earmuffs are the most basic earmuffs with the lowest comfort and no noise reduction, while the high quality leather sponge earmuffs have relatively high comfort and corresponding noise reduction, but Long-term use will age and affect the appearance, while the leather earmuffs are very good, it is only expensive!

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