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Headset manufacturer introduce Classification of headphones


Earphones can be classified into many categories, from the way of wearing can be divided into: Headband Headphones, Earbuds Earphones, In Ear Earphones, EarHook Earphones, Bluetooth Neckband Headphones, etc.

According to the principle of sound production, it can be divided into moving coil, moving iron and static electricity.

1. Moving-coil headphones: At present, most headphone earplugs belong to moving-coil headphones. The principle is similar to that of ordinary loudspeakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected with the diaphragm. The coil drives the diaphragm to produce sound under the drive of signal current. The central protrusion position of the diaphragm is the main sound region, and the smooth edge of the diaphragm can provide enough stroke.

Moving coil headphone advantages: First of all, the technology is very mature, and the cost is low. Moving coil headphones as a whole, the sound is more relaxed and natural. The low frequency of non-in-ear moving coil earphone may be slightly inadequate, while the low frequency of ear moving coil earphone will be plentiful. On the sound quality, the middle and high end moving coil has a good dive, and the sense of hearing is deep.

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2. Movable iron earphone: Inside the movable iron earplug, the voice coil is wound around a precise connecting rod called "balanced armature" in the center of the permanent magnetic field. Through this precise connecting rod, it is transmitted to the center of a micro-vibration film, which produces vibration and sound under the action of magnetic force. Movable iron earphones are expensive because of their late start and technical reasons.

Advantages of movable iron earphone: the sound unit of movable iron is relatively small, which can effectively reduce the area of the ear part, and can be put into the deeper ear canal part. So a soft silicone sleeve has a good sound insulation and leak-proof effect compared with traditional earplugs. In addition, the voice of the moving iron unit is very sharp, and its strong points are analytical force, strong sense of speed, instantaneous dynamics and sound density.

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3. Electrostatic headphones: The diaphragm is in a changing electric field, and the diaphragm is very thin and precise to several microns (the diaphragm of the new generation of STAX headphones has been precise to 1.35 microns). The coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the driving of electric field. Because of the high manufacturing cost, the electrostatic headset has always been a relatively small product.

Advantages of static headphones: First of all, the diaphragm can be made very thin and very light, thus bringing faster speed, better transient response and stronger detail expression. Secondly, the diaphragm of the electrostatic headphone is a completely flat diaphragm clamped between the positive and negative parallel fixed plates. The electric field is completely uniform, so it can be driven linearly and there is no split vibration.

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