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Real wireless bluetooth headset Sport Earphone Waterproof Headphones


Reasons to purchaseMany people like to wear headphones while exercising, but clearly, wired headphones are not a good option. (Waterproof Headphones, Sport Earphone, Bluetooth Headsets, Wireless Earbud, Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, Headphones Earbuds, Ear Buds ) But Wireless Bluetooth Headset is not the same, it is convenient and simple, there is no wire bondage, can let go of the movement.

The vast majority of wireless Bluetooth headsets are just not connected to the phone. The line between the left and right ear is still very annoying. When running, there are always foreign objects hanging around the neck and it feels uncomfortable. Together, I thought I couldn't solve the problem until I saw my friend's moto hint. I felt like it was good, but I didn't find it waterproof after learning about the moto headset. Then my friend recommended Jabra's Elite Sport to me. Waterproof and can monitor heart rate. Because I'm running for it, so this is more practical.

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Smart Sport Bluetooth headset Black $2,268 Jabra Elite Sport Designed with no cable, weighs 6.5g, and will be more comfortable to wear with EarGelsTM and EarWingsTM proprietary ear gel technology . Support Bluetooth 4.1 transmission protocol, can connect up to 8 devices at the same time, the longest working distance is 10 meters. Support active noise reduction and IP67 waterproof, use up to 9 hours of battery life, standby for 200 hours (additional energy is required to receive Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

Together with the orders also sent a magic speaker, magic sound thing I know I gave directly to the small blind.

Appearance Gallery

Jabra's headset life can often be seen. Before I thought that it was mostly business-oriented, and now I found that there are many sports headphones. However, I have no sense of any wired devices, mouse and keyboard speaker headphones are all wireless, because it is so to buy this thing. It feels very good to use it. In addition to the price is more expensive. However, the white bar can be accepted under the staging.

The box looks pretty.

Behind are some introductions to the Jabra Elite Sport, the main content is that sound quality is good, can monitor heart rate, 9 hours battery life, three years sweat proof warranty. Saying that before buying in Jingdong, it is said to be IP67 dust-proof, that is, it can withstand the impact of water and short-term immersion. It seems that there is no grade on the box. I feel that even if it is waterproof, it should not be washed to wash it.

The bottom of the box is the specification, serial number, manufacturer, etc.

Jabra is an international triathlon special audio partner. Then I was wondering if the triathletes were still wearing headphones?

Magnetic suction flip, open to see the headset directly through the plastic shell.

The list of family portraits, and more things, is mainly a pair of headphones, a charging box, a data line, a few pairs of ear glue and ear flaps, and then the manual warranty card.

In fact, in addition to the instructions are multi-lingual, the other is English, a look of impatience. . . .

The active ear plugs are relatively large because the control systems are also integrated here. There are a total of four buttons, the left ear is the volume plus or minus button, the right ear is above the sports button, the bottom is the answer / power, double-click this button to enter the HearThrough mode. This is a great feature. You can hear the ambient sound and talk to other people without having to pick the earphone. The principle should be similar to the principle of noise reduction. Collecting the environmental sound and playing it in the earphone is very useful for the individual to feel the night running. It is safer to hear the environment.

There is no interface in the headphone body, and charging is performed by touching the metal contact inside the earplug and the base. The interface is gone and the space saved can give batteries. However, I am a bit worried that this contact and sweat will not be corroded.

The right ear below the earbuds is a heart rate sensor, the principle is not quite understand and may be the same as AppleWatch is reflected by the photoelectric reflection update frequency is very high to reflect the real-time heart rate, but do not know which ear and wrist which measured more accurate.

Remove the ear flaps, which are various certifications such as FCC and CE.

With ear glue and hooked ear flaps, it looks very handsome. The shape design is also more ergonomic. It fits well in the ears and feels good. My ears are not big. It’s still good that it’s original without a hook.

The original is the right-hand side of the figure below, the trumpet without the hook, the accessories are medium and large, and people with larger ears can use it.

In addition to the common silicone ear gel, there are three large, medium and small memory foam. The latter's sound-insulating effect is good but wearing is a little inconvenient, and it is easy to be dirty, so I still prefer silicone.

Headphone charging box.

Flip design, earplug slot with its corresponding metal contacts, and the contact has a certain degree of elasticity can be pressed down, it should be to cover the lid of the charging box, the headset down and the contact also press down, Then it will start to charge the headset, open the lid to place the headset or cover the empty box lid, will not charge.

The charging interface is a universal Android interface. The line attached to the headset is relatively short, so I directly plug in the phone charger. The top of the interface is the charge indicator of the charging box. When it is full, it is green and the power is low. The charging box is said to provide an additional six hours of electricity, plus the battery in the headset can be heard for a total of nine hours. After listening to the three-hour headset is out of power, it is necessary to take off the headset into the box for a while to be used, so the nine hours is not an uninterrupted battery life, uninterrupted battery life is about 3 hours.

Because there are also chip batteries inside the charging case, various certifications are printed on the cover, which is very regular.

experience feelings

Really speaking, I really like to wear a bluetooth headset that is really comfortable, nothing on the neck feels very refreshing weight is not heavy, the only drawback is afraid, ordinary headphones can also hang on the neck from the ear, this If they were hit, they fell directly to the ground. However, these days, they have not yet fallen, and they have been quite firmly in their ears. They are not very tight and have no sense of oppression.

I don't really comment on the sound quality. I feel this is the best sound quality of all my headphones. After all, if the earphones are so expensive, then I would be very desperate. HearThrough is very practical. He can hear the sound of the environment. I usually leave it open to prevent it from being heard when a car passes by.

Then said the next App, Jabra Sport is specifically used with the Jabra Sports App used by the App, monitoring the content is very professional, but my usual exercise is basically only running, so use him to calculate the heart rate. This app can be installed on both iOS and Android.

After entering the app pairing, in the upper right corner of the main interface can directly see the heart rate, headphone power and GPS positioning, enthusiastically built a GPS, this is quite powerful. In addition to recording the trajectory, you can directly locate the headset if it cannot be found.

Then the app's most important function I think is that it can be based on the heart rate to guide yourself to a suitable exercise intensity, heart rate is not fast enough or too fast is not good, generally stable at about 80% is more appropriate, when running yo look There will be voice broadcast real-time data on the sport key to help you understand your heart rate.

Headphones can also monitor push-ups, leg lifts, and other movements. Counting functions are very numerous. I don't even need to ride a ski skating.

to sum up

Advantages: comfortable to wear, moderate weight, no line of restraint and cumbersome, whether it is sports or crowded subway are relatively cool, and the sound quality and sound insulation are very good. You can monitor the movements and heart rate during the exercise and broadcast it. You can see data analysis and similar in the App. There are also more supportive sports items, both aerobic and anaerobic. The charging box is convenient and practical. It can be added for 6 hours.

Disadvantages: Although there is a charging box, but the active non-stop life is only 3 hours, Jabra other Bluetooth headsets have 5 hours of battery life, no electricity will be even earlier. However, I have not listened to songs for more than three hours at a time, so the problem is not particularly great.

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